Our very own Rugged recently spoke with new Cash Money member, Big Chief, an artist who doesn’t necessarily fit the typical mold here at Illest Lyrics, but still has a true passion for music and the modern man hustle. They chatted it up for a bit, then as usual, Rugged got to asking a few questions, here’s where you can find those answers.


Cory: Now that you have had some time to sit back and let it all sink in, how you feeling about being recruited by Cash Money?

Big Chief: It’s a wonderful feeling and a great opportunity, ‘cus as you and I both know, they are probably the #1 record label in the world right now, so just being recruited by them is a pleasure especially coming from my way, ‘cus its been a long time coming, it wouldn’t be no better fit for me than to be in a position — to be in a position to be exposed to the masses, then they put you out there on the front line, it’s cool.

Cory: We got some hungry artists out of Dallas as well, how good does it feel to finally open some doors for the community and bring some economic focus back to Dallas?

Big Chief: It’s cool for the simple fact because I am a icon and I’m a legend from Dallas, I feel like I’m the best fit, the #1 candidate to bring that back to the hometown, you know open up some doors, and have some other people from other areas follow me and come behind me, the pleasure is all mine but it’s what I’m suppose to be doing.

Cory: You’re teaming up with Dr. Teeth to make the music video for your single “Triple D Anthem“, tell us what you got planned for the video?

Big Chief: Right now we doing the treatment, I got Teeth working on one and I got Boom working on one, so we ought to have that locked and sealed within the week coming up, we should probably be shooting it in the next week and half or so. It’s a toss up between Dr. Teeth & Boom.

Cory: What can we expect from the new Eat Greedy release?

Big Chief: The Eat Greedy Volume 12 is gonna be just like the rest of them, it’s just gonna be me, you getting the “Don Chief” right now and how I feel right now, it’s gonna be hot, that’s all I can say, ya know? It’s gonna be hot, it’s just a roll off of the other Eat Greedy releases.

Cory: And now that you got Young Money backing you, what kinda plans do you have for the future? What do you got going on after the next Eat Greedy drop?

Big Chief: I mean you know I’m still my own brand, “Eat Greedy or Don’t Eat All”, Eat Greedy is my brand, my whole object is to take my brand to the next level so it can be a house hold name, so it can be an umbrella up under whatever situation I got going, so I’m trying to broaden my brand and expand my brand to the world so it can be a force to be reckoned with.

Cory: What advice do you got for all the young emcee’s still on the come up, let them know what it’s like to conquer your dream?

Big Chief: Keep god first, and stay hungry, just because my dream is right here doesn’t mean the work is gonna stop, the hard is work is now just becoming, now I gotta to keep myself in a position to be reckoned with or have longevity, I’ve had longevity with how I’ve been doing it right now, but I want longevity with the success, I’ve been paying my dues so it’s time. I tell a young person that’s up and coming to keep god first… Don’t expect it to come over night for everybody, sometimes people gotta take that long road and I was one of those people who had to the long road. Some of them did it over night, I didn’t do it over night, for us sometimes it seems like it takes a life time. Stay hungry, stay greedy, stay persistent, don’t give up, work hard, eat greedy for whatever you want to do, give 110 or don’t give none it all, just believe — we’re normal, some of us we’re in a position just like you in the projects, at the lowest part or in the ghetto, but it can happen.

You can find Big Chief on his Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and ReverbNation.

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