Eminem is one of the most contentious rappers in the history of hip hop. Some of his beefs have been started over trivial facts and slights – others have been caused by long standing animosity – when Eminem is ready to diss you – he never holds back. That is why the shots that he has taken at his rivals are some of the most memorable hip hop disses of all time.

Ja Rule


What’s the Beef?: 50 Cent

Eminem – Hail Mary

You ain’t no killa, you a pussy
That exstacy dun’ got you all emotional and moushy
Bitches wearin rags in photos, for Ja’s words bein quoted
In the SOURCE, stealin ‘Pac’s shit like he just wrote it
You loud mouth, pray to God, hopin no one’s listenin
See 50 comin for me, Oh my God my, my position
No one pays attention
To me, please Gotti, here I go
Gimme this pill, exstacy dun’ got me feelin so
Now all of a sudden I’m a fuckin mad man who screams
Like I’m ‘Pac but I’m not, enemies, Hennesy
Actin like I’m great, but I’m fake, I’m CRAZY
Sweat drip, get me off this trip, someone stop this train
Some say my brain is all corrupted, fucked from this shit
I’m stuck, I’m addicted to these drugs, I’ma quit
Sayin mothafucka’s name’s before somebody fucks me up
Ain’t no pussies over here, partner, see you hell, fucker



What’s the beef?: Eminem put on a flyer in 1995, ICP Might Appear .. Maybe.

Eminem – Get You Mad

Lesson Five: Get a hook-up at Jive, Dress up like ICP and have them come see you perform live

Eminem – Drastic Measures

ICP are over-rated and hated because of their false identities

Eminem – Marshall Mathers

Faggot 2 Dope and Silent Gay. Claimin Detroit, when y’all live twenty miles away

Eminem – Marshall Mathers

slim anus? you damn right slim anus, i dont get fucked in mine like you too little flaming faggots



What’s the Beef?: Canibus accused Eminem of writing the lyrics to LL Kool J’s infamous diss “The Ripper Strikes Back”.

Eminem – Funk Flex Interlude

Canibus Voice – Yo this is Canibus, the rhyme analyst
I aint feeling Obie Trice, I hope he gets covered and smothered in tarantulas
Before metaphors with reservoir dogs
Before Christ was hung on the cross, before

Eminem – Can-I-Bitch

He’s like Kim; he keeps comin’ back for more
But he won’t fight back, I cracked his jaw
Hold up ‘Bis quit foldin’ up!
Punch me in the chest make my shoulders touch!
DO SOMETHIN’! At least one punchline
C’mon till the meter reads nine, nine,
Nine-ty nine percent of my fans are blonde
‘Bis c’mon answer me man respond!
Tell me ’bout the sun rain moon and stars
Interglacial metaphors from Mars!
‘Raw to the floor, raw like Reservoir Dogs’
Bite another line from Redman’s song!

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