CD quality version of the Taking My Ball track that came out a couple days ago.

You will never see the hype surrounding just one track for any other artist. I know people who have waited all day to hear this track.


The song appears on DJ Hero, its the only unreleased track that is on the game, though it has a lot of rare and overlooked tracks that Eminem personally selected.

Now, the next question is when will the Relapse 2 project be dropping, I’m hearing November right now, but nothing official. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at the beginning of next year that way Em gives 50 some room to breathe.

What do you think about this track “Taking My Ball”?, it was first heard on Shade 45 at 6:00 tonight. Interestingly enough, he uses one of the rhyme schemes from the D12 “My Balls” song.

I’d pretentiously assume that its what you’d expect from a track that didn’t make the cut on Relapse. Some dope rhyme schemes throughout, just lacked the content that Eminem fans are hungry for.

Download – Eminem – Taking My Ball

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