Eminem’s 5 year hiatus was not without controversy. He talked with “thisis50.com” about his drug addiction, the disappointment of Relapse, Encore, Proof, and how he had to learn to rap again.

Marshall had this to say about his long and personal relationship with Proof. He made it clear that Proof was willing to confront Em’s drug addiction while Eminem wasn’t.

“He’d say what was on his mind,” Eminem said of Proof. “But as close as he was, it didn’t matter. I wasn’t ready to listen. There wasn’t a person who could tell me I had a problem.”

Obviously drug use can really effect your simple motor skills. This is a huge problem for someone who is scrupulous like he is with rhyme schemes and emphasises in rhymes.

“I had to learn to write and rap again, and I had to do it sober and 100 percent clean,” Em said, explaining the more mature, focused nature of his rhymes on Recovery. “That didn’t feel good at first … I mean it in the literal sense. I actually had to learn how to say my lyrics again; how to phrase them, make them flow, how to use force so they sounded like I meant them. Rapping wasn’t like riding a bike. It was [as much] physical as mental. I was relearning basic motor skills. I couldn’t control my hand shakes. I’d get in the [recording] booth and tried to rap, and none of it was clever, none was witty and I wasn’t saying it right.”

One of the more interesting comments in this revealing interview is when Eminem talks about his album Encore.

“I think the drug use was obvious,” he said. Encore was seen by some critics as Eminem’s most mature album to date, but his creativity was clearly not on the level as his previous efforts.

Full Interview with Thisis50.com

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