2 Sides to every Shady!?

It’s possible.  And if you ask my opinion, I’m glad to see it.  Mr. Mathers has returned once again to bring us another cinematic video from his remarkable Recovery album.  Produced by Jim Jonsin, the “Space Bound” video goes the whole 9-yards as Slim Shady plays the role of a jilted boyfriend that finds his girlfriend (played by ex-porn star and adult-film entertainer Sasha Grey none-the-less) to be cheating behind his back.   But here’s where is gets a bit interesting…as the drama unfolds, you’ll notice Em split into two versions of himself, each side of him taking it’s own direction as the story progresses.  On one side of the scale, you see a calm and collected version of Mr. Mathers, but on the other…an angry, cynical Slim that has apparently reached his brink.  Come the end of the video…no matter which path he followed, it led to his demise where Em takes his own life. 

Obviously there are quite a few takes on the meaning of this video, but if I were to take a stab at it, I’d have to say one version of Slim is the actual person while the other one you see is his self conscience.  Which is which?  I guess that’s for the listener to decide.  But what I get from the whole scheme of things is that reguardless of how strong your love or bond may be with another, if it isn’t meant to be…it’ll cease to be no matter what.  Even love can cross paths with destruction…the question that remains is can you handle the aftermath?  I could be wrong…but this is just my take on it.  Either way, as far as videos go…he couldn’t have chose a better song off the album to bring to life for us.

Space Bound is his fourth single from the Recovery album.

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