In what could be deemed a shocking move by Michael Jackson. He has bought a few of Eminems most popular radio singles including “without me” and “the real slim shady”.

This comes as shock of sorts because two years ago Michael Jackson was outraged by the Parody Eminem did of him. In the video “Just Lose It”, Eminem made fun of Michael Jackson catching his hair on fire. He also poked fun at the 80’s rock mega star’s wardrobe and dancing.

The most controversial part to the song was when Eminem had a bunch of children just up in the bed with him. This was playing on the fact that Michael Jackson has been charged with child molestation multiple times.

Eminem responded back to Jackson telling him to lighten up. Explaining the video was all in jokes.

Michael Jackson also owns a huge catalog of Beatles songs and

has recently acquired Famous Music LLC whose previous owner was Viacom.

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