Anderson Cooper is use to interviewing shady politicians, now he gets the chance to interview Slim Shady.

In this exclusive 60 minutes interview, Cooper and Mathers visit the old clubs that Eminem is famous for battling in, places that he worked, and streets that he walked before he became an icon.

Eminem starts off by talking about his childhood. What kept him motivated, namely respect, which still drives him to this day.

He then delves into the “science of breaking down words”. How he writes, the process of doing so, and more importantly the enunciation of them words.

For the first time, at least that I’ve seen, Em shows his amazing collection of rhymes that he’s written. It’s impressive to say the least, a box filled to the brim with pure creativity, originality, and some just obscene content, that helped launch Eminem into super stardom. Papers that will inevitably end up at the Smithsonian one day.

After he speaks about settling scores with his parents through music. He even answers the fact if he wants to meet his father with a confident response.

Marshall clearly defines the difference between using profanity in his lyrics compared to at home where he says that side of his personality isn’t seen.

In the latter part of the interview, Eminem addresses his drug use and all that mess that he’s been questioned to death about over the past year.

He’s been sober for now 2 and a half years now.

Shouts to Anderson Cooper for doing a respectable interview that wasn’t condescending. Kind of glad that Mike Wallace didn’t conduct the interview.

Full Interview

Eminem on underground battling.

Eminem on age and his career.

Eminem on spending money.

Bonus Footage

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