Wow, this is by far Eminem’s most experimental single to date, and I’m really surprised by the self criticism of the Relapse album. Recovery should be out on June 22nd, and it will be real interesting to hear the whole thing. Clearly, Eminem is going the personal route again, without accents, truly giving his fans what they have been waiting for. The question is, can he live up to the hype, to deliver an album that will be compared to his previous efforts, meaning, anything before Encore.

For all of you that were harping on me over my comments about Relapse. I said nothing more than Eminem did.

And to the fans, I’ll never let you down again, I’m back
I promise to never go back on that promise, in fact
Let’s be honest, that last Relapse CD was “ehhhh”
Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground
Relax, I ain’t going back to that now
All I’m tryna say is get back, click-clack BLAOW
Cause I ain’t playin’ around

Eminem – Not Afraid | Eminem – Despicable

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