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Eminem – New Album Confirmed

I mean, this is kinda a pointless article because we already know that the album is confirmed and could possibly come out this year or in ten years, but for all those who want the verification from the label. The real question is, when are we going to get our airwaves flooded with an obnoxious first single?


After much speculation, Interscope records have finally confirmed that a new Eminem album is in fact under way and may very well be in stores before the end of the year.

According to Billboard, a representative for Interscope says there is no official release date nor a first single, but confirms that an album may come before the year’s end.

Eminem recently stopped by his Shade45 radio station for a rare interview in which he says he has been “bangin out tracks” for the new album.

“I’m concentrating on my own stuff right now -just banging out tracks,” Eminem said. “The more I keep producing, the better it seems I get. I start knowing stuff, learning the boards like the back of my hands.”

The forthcoming LP may be one of the most important records of Eminem’s career as it will be his return to music since 2004’s Encore which although commercially successful, was found to be critically disappointing to many.

Source: Eminem Album Confirmed


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  2. i love eminem so much….? my like gang..?

  3. Your_Paranoia Avatar


  4. F.U.C.T. Avatar

    haha people and their opinions.

  5. RAY MCKAY Avatar

    but dont get it fucked up
    i aint hating
    i listen to all eminems songs

  6. RAY MCKAY Avatar

    ya kno eminem is sick
    he got the beats and the raps down
    ima glad he coming back
    but immortal technique is better
    and if you think ima wrong then your fucking stupid.

    immortal techniques lyrics are CRAZY as fuck but they make hella sense

  7. egh, im only gunna touch on the race thing for a minute. The vanilla-uness has worked against, and for him.

    Eminem was originally largely dismissed, dissed, and ignored for a long time in the Dtroit hip hop scene cuz hes white. However once he picked up steam (was noticed)he had much greater success because white kids (the mainstream) could relate better to him, thought it was cool havin a white guy doin it “right”.

    I see how this would give people the impression “he only made it cuz he’s white”. I disagree, you think dre would’ve overlooked him for being black? really?…however I doubt he would’ve reached the level of success he has.

    bottom line is as an emcee he pioneered the world of rap with his multis and dope flow. i.e. ‘I do backflips after crackhits’ . instead of ‘I sling bricks than do backflips’ (he took alot of this delivery from nas). by the way yes my examples were horrible, and yes, you guessed it, im white.

  8. complexity Avatar

    vmg, I agree, it would be best if he could be judged solely on his skills, unfortunately, thats not realistic when his career has been helped sufficiently by race. Be for sure, he will be get a fair shot from hip hop historians and people like us who will give him merits based on skill or at times lack thereof.

  9. let me ask this…. why does it always resort to race? why can’t he just be appreciated for being a great rapper and an entertainer? if he can get props from every single type of person… whether it be kids ( of no race ) or other and all artists…. he has mad skills! so stop the hate! he is so talented on so many different levels. if you (the haters) don’t agree… then you are just jealous! just give him the credit he deserves… not that he wants!