Eminem and Jay Z, better known as the renegades, are reuniting for two concerts that will take place in Detroit and New York respectively. Both will occur during the baseball games of the two MLB teams, the tigers will be treated to their show on September 2nd, while the Yankee fans will have to wait until September 13th.

“This is a once in a lifetime set of shows, and I know we’re both really going to bring it to our hometowns,” said Eminem, who will be releasing another studio album in late June, the second since he returned to the music business after four years away dealing with substance abuse problems. “The fans are going to love this – and so am I. It’s gonna be historic.”

Jay-Z has been steadily touring since releasing his latest album, “The Blueprint 3.” Eminem has not headlined a show since October of last year, and was visibly excited about eh project when talking about tour. He will be performing one full set that will include a number of new songs from his upcoming CD titled “Recovery.”

The artists were interviewed about the show at a Yankees/Tigers double header that happened a couple days ago. That is when they made the announcement of this two game performance.

Source: Eminem – Jay Z to Headline Stadium Concerts

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