Eminem wacked out as usual answers all them hot topic questions. Remember when Eminem’s disconnection was his appeal.

Eminem screams, and starts singing happy birthday to Shade 45.

Shady admits he is in the studio with Dr.Dre. He can’t give out anymore details than that.

Dre always points guns at Em and he is benching pressing the studio.

It’s shady 45’s “30th anniversary”.

Slim shits a lot, that’s why he doesn’t go on Shade 45 much.

Eminem shits on the microphone. Pun intended, if we’re referring to Encore.

Wait, when he comes back, he is going to shit on the CD. Maybe it’s an encore sequel?

Em says, considering the fact, that people aren’t buying cds, he is just going to shit on the cd.

The host makes a funny joke, about Em being at a point in his career, where he could sell a bag of shit and go platinum. Correction, he already did, it was called encore.

The host talks about ghost writing for Eminem.

Eminem rhymes lyrical, miracle, spiritual, and some other word that’s not in the dictionary.

That’s probably the best real freestyle, the Detroit emcee has ever done.

One of the hosts raps this line from Drug Ballad off an Eminem cd, “Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, This is how we used to make the party start”. Eminem responds, I will never live down that stupid rhyme.

Eminem freestyles again, he “knows it like a poet, and his ass will show it”.

The host asks about his new album. Em says, they just got to working on it, and it’s all top secret. He won’t mention if it’s silly songs or what not.

One of the host asks, if Em has banged any celebrities lately, and he talks about getting clamidia from Britney Spears.

Marshall, I’m sure that was Kim.

Eminem talks about being afraid of K-Fed. He makes up a story about K-Fed, coming to jump him in a Britney Spears car.

Em freestyles again “he don’t want the drama, they might pull out the llama, on my mamma, and send me into trauma”.

He talks about including the hosts names into his songs.

Shady talks about the Stat Quo album. When the album is coming out. Nevermind, he says Stat is hot to death, but doesn’t give any information.

He talks about all his personalities being over at his studio.

Em says it’s the most boring interview, he has ever done in his life. I do agree with Mr.Mathers on that one.

Eminem says it’s always top secret, he can’t say shit.

He talks about wearing pink shoes and lime green shoes.

He then asks, if they are going to play any songs, and get the listeners interested. Great question.

Chyna, the wrestler, is in the studio, I guess. What the hell? She tells Em, she is a big fan.

Eminem mocks Chyna, after she says, I’m so excited, what’s up with you.

She tells Eminem, he has class, and was the nicest individual. She remembers because she saw him at Venice Beach in the 90’s.

Chyna, feels so cool. Please don’t “doll”. You’re embarrassing.

Chyna wants to be in a video with Em and kill everybody, Eminem, says he wants to kill too.

The host suggest, they wrestle together, and Em improvises the idea, bringing up the idea they should do it but naked, apparently he doesn’t know who Chyna is. The host profoundly goes “ew” after, I don’t blame him.

Chyna talks about her sex tape. Em says he wants to see the video.

Em recites lines from his famous song Fack.

Em says, that Dr.Dre wants him to get going, so he can record, or stand on their heads.

He says, they don’t really record, they mainly just watch the paint dry on the walls.

Chyna tries to ask him a question about being inspired. He says things just hit him.

Hang Up. (laughs). I didn’t find much funny in an that interview. Besides having a Z-List celebrity (Chyna) come in out of nowhere.

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