Eminem’s fifth studio album is being worked on heavily and is set to be released at the earliest December of 2007 and it will probably be out sometime 2008. Eminem wants the first single to be different than previous times and he said this album will lyrically be his best.[1] On March 16, 2007, Kuniva and Brent Kunz aka Mr. G Mac posted on a D12 forum that:

“ 50 is dropping this year and so is Slim, so you know its gonna be crazy up at Shady this year![2] ”

T.I. cut three tracks with Eminem, one for this album and two for T.I. vs. T.I.P..[3] This is what T.I. said about recording in the studio with Eminem in an interview for MTV news:

“ It was an experience, he’s probably one of the most lyrical cats in the game right now. Me being known as one of the most lyrical cats in the game, I had to get myself up. He lived up to all my expectations. He’s a rappin’ fool. He made me step my game up. We did three records. One we did for him. You know how Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady have their beefs? Well [on that song], T.I. is trying to tell Marshall how to deal with Slim based on how he deals with T.I.P. Then T.I.P butts in, like, ‘You can’t tell nobody nothing.’ Then Em comes in and tells me, ‘Who are you to tell me anything?’ I was like, ‘I’m just trying to help, homie.’ ”

Their other two collaborations could end up on T.I. vs. T.I.P., including a song called “Touchdown” and one called “Whatever You Want It to Be.”[4]

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