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Eminem Brings Back Stan

He is an icon, a revolutionary entity, who has transformed the hip hop culture on his own. Yes, Eminem has done that. The obsessed fan “Stan” also changed the landscape of hip hop as we know it, in Nas’s classic diss song “Ether”, Nas taunts Jay Z, “You a fan, a phony, a fake, a pussy, a Stan”.

Stan is the story of distraught fan who becomes increasingly angry that his favorite rapper won’t reply back to him. He eventually decides that life is not worth living and commits suicide. The fictional character from Eminem’s sophomore album The Marshall Mathers LP will be making an appearance on his forthcoming project Relapse. The song said to be titled Stan 2 will see the resurrection of the obsessed fan who Slim Shady created almost a decade ago.

Swizz Beatz tells MTV “totally genius” in regards to the song. The superstar producer also had this to say “It’s different,” Swizz said of Eminem’s upcoming album. “Different sound, different mind frame. [Eminem’s] clear. But it’s the [Em] that you missed, that you loved, that you need, especially right now in the industry, going into ’09. He’s coming back to take the cake.”

Relapse is scheduled to be released in early 2009.

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  1. This Is Off .. Cause Eminem Already Came And Said He Wouldnt Put another Stan Out … He Said .. ‘How Can I Bring Back Stan When He Died In The Last Song’ LOL.