Ed Hardy Clothing was founded by French designer Christian Audigier who was inspired by legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy who is known as ‘the godfather of modern tattoos. Just like the artist, the brands design is a blend of Japanese and American styles.

Theres no limit to the unique and amazing styles of Ed Hardy Clothing and they’ve become popular among the young and fashionable. It may even become difficult just to choose between the wide variety of shirts, hoodies, caps, and more.

The material manufactured is the most durable and comfortable for exceptional quality. Affordable prices make Ed Hardy a first choice for many. It has slithered its ways into the urban scene and can often be found worn by rapper Snoop Dogg. Ed Hardy wont be going out of fashion any time soon and is likely to grow in todays urban lifestyle. This brands clothing is available for men, women, and kids.

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