Ecko Unltd. is a brand of clothing created in 1996 that clearly stands out in the urban lifestyle. Founded by fashion designer Marc Ecko, this leading urban fashion brand has become widely popular with hip-hop. Since the late 1990s, Ecko Unltd. has been mopping the floor with urban wear competitors.

The incredibly unique designs express the urban life style with graffiti art. Hoodies, jeans, shirts, sneakers, hats, and accessories are available at great affordable prices. Often you will find Ecko clothing represented by a rhino which is the clothing lines famous logo.

It’s only clear that Ecko’s urban fashion and unique designs hold a strong, endearing, and creative idea inspired from the art of graffiti. Ecko has expanded into 12 other lines and has even begun to surface in UFC. Just like a rhino, this company is on a path that can’t be stopped and will continue to grow for ages to come.

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