Low list Actress/singer/and now booger sugar enthusiast Drew Sidora Jordan, has been officially mentioned in a long-standing, federal drug case involving a variety of Baltimore men (accused of shipping hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Southern California to Baltimore.)

Charles Ransom Jr. and Ricky Brascom are allegedly the owners of Behind Da Scenes Entertainment, the label that promotes Chicago rapper Paypa. According to the feds, Ransom and Brascom, who was Drew Sidora’s boyfriend, imported over 400 kilos of cocaine into the city of Baltimore. The men, along with local DJ Darrin Ebro, used private jets to send back over $4 million in drug proceeds.

Baltimore’s City Paper reports that the feds were tapping Brascom’s phone conversations, including some with Drew Sidora, who is signed to Slip-N-Slide Records. On the wiretap, Sidora allegedly tells Brascom that she is worried he will be arrested, after he told her law enforcement officers seized a haul of cocaine.

While Sidora has not been charged with any crime, the Baltimore City Paper says the conversations underscore Hollywood’s connections to the drug business.

A lawyer for Behind Da Scenes Entertainment claimed the indictment was “unfortunate” and said the lawsuit has “also affected other people in the business who have nothing to do with the two individuals under indictment.”

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