an ordinary afternoon takin my mom to the grocery store

we’ll back back soon, don’t worry and closed the front door

what accurred was a memory conserved in my mind forever

wasn’t deserved as the scene of joy blurred of us together

the pigeons dropped from the sky like a struck of lightning

fundamentalists stopped and asked why they’re really figthing

that’s the moment when the steering wheel slipped from my fingers

screams of terror as the steamin steel flipped and splingered

it punctured her left longue and nearly fractured her neck

Are U alright son, she asked raptured of in an emotional attack

she was delighted i made it, that’s all she ever cared about

I was frightened, I almost faded of seein u slowly passin out

tears was rollin down my chin as i was strollin around dim

wasn’t controllin my sin, only prayin for God to act again

I was nervous, thought that wasn’t deserved cause of what u’d served us

the love u sprayed never accurred to us, but now I understand