This is what happens when you live in a place like Arizona, land of the Chuck Norris wannabe police. After DMX year in prison a couple of weeks ago for violating his probation, it’s been reported that DMX has now been moved to the Flamenco Mental Health Unit at Alhambra as of December 20.

At his sentencing, Judge Christine Mulleneaux told him she believes he has “an undiagnosed mental condition,” possibly bi-polar disorder. DMX’s manager, Nakia Walker, wouldn’t comment specifically on whether DMX might have a mental disorder, but she says she wasn’t surprised when he was moved to a mental-health unit. The rapper himself always has refused to comment on speculation about his mental state.

DMX’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons also spoke about DMX’s situation recently, stating that his arrest was very well a set up (and as a member of the jail system myself, I bet it some what was).

Ge only had three weeks left [of probation], and they set him up,” said Tashera Simmons to Street Disciplez Radio. “Because he was in a rehab that they put him in because he was driving dirty, and they gave him permission to go do a show. How do you give someone that’s supposed to be in a rehab permission to do a show? It was a set-up, and then X, I can’t even believe that he even took a drink knowing the situation.”

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