The LA Leakers recently caught up with the legendary DJ Quik in the studio to discuss his upcoming eighth solo album The Book of David, due out this April 20.

The Compton producer and rhymer said that he decided to record his latest project using time honored analog equipment as opposed to a digital equivalent.

The last three albums, if you’re counting from Under the Influence, my first independent adventure, those were all digital records,” he said. “That’s I finally just decided to go Pro Tools and stereo like everybody else and do the digital things. I came from analog, all those Earth, Wind and Fire records, those Parliament records, and Arethra Franklin records and Curti Mayfield records Those records are all analog, so I came up in that era…the greatest era of music period. To switch over to digital and to lose that feeling [and] sound kind of make like I was almost cheating everybody…this record, The Book of David, is analog, just like where it continues from Safe + Sound and Rythm-al-ism.”

The Book of David marks Quik’s first solo project since 2005. His last release was with fellow Cali emcee Kurupt as BlaQKOut in 2009. The full interview can be seen below.

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