My apologies on being late on this but this tape is fire so take a listen to it if you haven’t already..
Picture, if you will, the evolution of the MC. An artist who was born to do it, to revolutionize the Hip-Hop movement. Part of the first generation of Hip-Hop, Willie the Kid is that artist. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan


DJ Drama & DJ Head Debaise Presents Willie The Kid – The Fly [Mixtape]

01. “No Fly” Zone
02. Aviation.
03. Flying Over Ya Hood
04. Somebody Might Die (feat. LA The Darkman)
05. Flight School
06. Georgie Peorgie
07. You’re The One (feat. Jovan Dais)
08. Take Flight (feat. Alicksino)
09. Global Warming
10. Life Of A Drug Dealer Freestyle (feat. LA The Darkman)
11. Such Carelessness…
12. Its Your World
13. Salma Hayek Flow
14. Comfy Cozy
15. The Winter Coat

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