Mr. Combs is forming a new group in anticipation for his upcoming album Last Train to Paris. A hilarious note that you will read in the story below is the backlash that Jay has created from “Death Of Autotune” has Diddy rethinking his project. Sounds like a win win situation to me.


In preparation for the release of his new LP Last Train to Paris, mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has announced the formation of the new band Dirty Money. The trio consists of Combs, former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard, and songwriter Kalenna.

Diddy confirmed the group’s existence and laid out the focus of the trio for his upcoming projects.

“Dirty Money is not about no drug money, illegal money, or anything negative,” Combs explained. “Dirty Money is a look, a sound, a movement, [and] a crew. For my new album Last Train to Paris, I wanted to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself as an artist…I’m a team player. I wanted to tell a love story…I couldn’t just tell the male’s point of view.”

The concept LP will detail the story of a man’s (Diddy) tumultuous relationship with a woman whom is presented as his soulmate.

Source: Diddy Forms New Group

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