Lately there has been a lot of speculation over what exactly a hip hopper is after John Gibson’s comments.

I have decided to break it down as simply as possible for the non-hip hoppers.

Hip Hoppers originated back in the 1970’s when the hip hop culture began.

These weren’t your regular hip hop people though. They were “hip hoppers” who decided to terrorize the poor white suburban kids.

They would go into schools and watch these white kids shoot their class mates and would be accused of actually doing the act by evil John Gibson.

According to

Hip Hoppers – 1. People who practice hip hop, and will not shoot themselves in the head, but will shoot others, They will ride down the block with no remorse at all after..

-this is a false entry

Listen when John Gibson first coined the term

It was a historic day in the history of hip hoppers all around the world. They finally had a word that described them to the rest of society.

The creator of the word hip hoppers. Our Savior

-this is a pure comedy, don’t take any thoughts or opinions as true representations of the authors opinions or the sites

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