It’s time that we look at Jay Z as more than a hip hop icon, a hip hop professor, a teacher, who is passing down knowledge to future generations.

In these outstanding interviews, two of many that Jay Z has done while promoting his book Decoded, which thoroughly breaks down the meaning behind his lyrics and the history of black culture that coincides with his viewpoints. In essence, explaining why hip hop is not as controversial as it is perceived to be.

Jay Z elegantly takes us on a journey, throughout these interviews, on what it was like to grow up surrounded by music. The early influences of his parents on his career, writing, how he looks at the craft. Why the streets are the way they are, the real culprits. How hip hop is scape-goated for problems that would exist with or without it.

He also tells some great stories about being embarrassed when collaborating with Scarface because of the personal nature of Scarface’s verse and the realism that it was based on.

Jay finally explains in detail how he got the clearance for Hard A Knock Life. And so much more, watch the interviews in their entirety below. Enjoy, appreciate, and comment!

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