Dead Prez has released a new album/mixtape with Green Lantern. The album features 14 exclusive songs and you can check out the tracklist, cover, and get a link to purchase it after the jump.




01. WRBG
02. Runnin’ Wild
03. Don’t Hate My Grind (Feat. Bun B)
04. Warpath (Feat. Ratfink)
05. Gangsta, Gangster (Feat. Styles P)
06. Afrika Hot!
07. NYPD (Feat. Johnny Polygon)
08. Summer Time
09. Refuse To Lose (Feat. Chuck D & Avery Storm)
10. Life Goes On
11. Helpful
12. Pulse
13. $timulus Plan
14. My Dirty Valentine

Purchase Album

Dead Prez – Pulse Of The People – Turn Off The Radio Vol.3 – Leaks

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