American cosmetic surgeon Dr.Jan Adams operated on Kanyes Mother, Ronda West, with a few procedures.

Before she unfortunately died Saturday, the cause is still unknown, though the doctor, apparently gave her a breast reduction, and tummy tuck.

Reports claim, she could have died from a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

All indications seem to point towards it being a result of the plastic surgery.

Dr. Adams told MTV that she had consulted him numerous times, obviously she was skeptical. She would change her mind multiple times.

Eventually deciding to go through with the surgery.

Andre Aboolian another cosmetic surgeon said he wouldn’t do the operation because of an existing condition that Donda West had.

Dr. Adams responded on TMZ saying “He is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance.”

I did a little bit of extra research and found out this information.

He has a Cosmetic Surgery show on Britain tv called Cosmetic Surgery Live.

The doctor graduated from Ohio University and wrote a book titled “Everything Women of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery”.

I’ll make a prediction right now. This will be covered heavily on the news, including Nancy Grace. Check CNN and FOX for more updates.

Illest will keep you updated with the latest news on this situation. Of course, we give our condolences to Kanye West during this tough time.

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