Copywrite has been strictly business since his debut album dropped The High Exhaulted, widely regarded as an underground classic. Eight years later, Peter Nelson has been through triumphant and tragedy, but has yet to release a follow up. That is until now, The Life and Times of Peter Nelson, is available now on iTunes with the retailed version coming to stores on November 30th.

Already garnering praise from the hip hop community. XXL gave him four mics which doesn’t happen often for underground acts. Proving that Copywrite has been working on more than dissing the hell out of Asher Roth for the last year.

Copywrite’s “Tic Toc” (produced by RJD2) is the single that is going to be used to promote his definitive album.

The Life and Times of Peter Nelson features guest appearances from Crooked I, Planet Asia, Dilated Peoples, Sean Price Motion Man, and many more notable acts that have appeared on tracks with Copywrite over the years like Tage and RJD2.

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