does not link to third party download sites. We are complying in the strictest sense with DMCA Act.

Because of increasingly over regulating government we are unable to link to sites with files that could questionably be illegal.

Which means, a situation that is completely out of our control, has forced us to remove all links to sites like, and

It doesn’t matter if the content was legal or not. We had to treat each link the same, in order not to be shut down. In our long history, we have used all links promotionally while assuming that the content was legal until informed otherwise which only happened on one occasion wherein we removed the content immediately.

That is right, the artists and labels who have sent us links over the years to promote their digital material will no longer able to do so. We hope you can search the song names on iTunes and hopefully support your favorite artist.

I can’t even begin to fathom how much this is going to hurt up and coming artists.

As for us at, we are going to only be posting hip hop news for the foreseeable future with the same level of passion as we have for the past five years.

Support the hip hop site community.

Sound off on the topic on our forum. Read more about what happened to onSmash and DaJaz1 here. Please, get in contact with your local congress people and tell them this is censorship at its finest.