We all have set backs or our dumb moments where we fail to realize what exactly is going on around us. Life could get pretty dumbfounding especially when we don’t take the time out to listen, pay attention, or slow down. I also believe that in learning from our mistakes we should be critical in our analysis of what went wrong and move forward. Correcting ourselves is so important, it can be used so that we mainly become flawless in the things we do. You should carry this attitude whether it be for your profession, your character, or your marriage and it should be practiced overall for your life. Be cautious in the things that you do and always safeguard yourself. You should never take things for granted disregarding the utmost easiest procedures or ignore the simplicities in life. Laws are usually instituted to protect people from utter embarrassment, to give a substantial guide-line as to how to act in concordances of a great performance. In all honesty, people do fail. It has been given to us by laws of nature and God has created us with flaws so that we can return to him. If you do not believe this, believe that people are not perfect. Below is the new Transformers 3 movie set, anything can go wrong no matter where you are and here’s why..

I guess Barricade did get revenge on Bumblebee after all.. Lol

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