this skilled drop, its still hot

not the rhymes, this clip filled glock

your show off – its canceled

stopped using punches cuz my hands killed

get thrown in a landfill

on top of an anvil, head on top of my mantle

blood dripping off of my lamp post

name an emcee I cant toast

thats everybody from the champs to ghost

its time I enhance my posts

we need to up the anti folks

just call me Katie Holmes, I’m anti-smoke

I hope I’m heard like an antelope

cuz these aren’t just antidotes

“where I stand” is dope, “I Stand Heres” a joke

at the bottom of the list,swallowing my piss

don’t hate cuz the man is broke

but micz punches like his hand is broke

its time I sent all of them a diss

the devil has been calling me to spit

I spit bars n watch the planet roast

I honestly didn’t plan to boast

but my styles universal I can span the globe

good to go, you can scan the code

look at all the propaganda sold

multi king? and…ah…so?

don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of flow

but when you gonna let the grammar-go

you ain’t heading down no glamor road

lets switch the flow..its time we get physical..

get literal, so technical, and lyrical

complex the flow until the lyrics illegible

its inevitable, I would be this impeccable

embedded in your head, its an epidemic

of massive proportions, Ill wreck your credit

with forces of electric, magnetic distortions

reinforcements are shredded like abortions

you still insist your the best?

am I missing the rest, Ill put your spit to the test

the paradox lies; on the boundaries of sound n science

search the depths of my soul, and all I found was violence

destined to be the best in this profession

I’m the Stinger, but this ain’t pro wrestling

i spit a freestyle and record the whole session

these rhymes aren’t for fun its my whole essence

a boy stuck alone in an unknown depression

see I zone to hold the microphone to death and

catch a breath n I’m back to hold the crown

its like fireworks motherfucker you know the sound

i don’t drop a mic, I throw it down

you got skill, you better show it now

before your mouth is closed with duck tape

your house is sold, everyone knows I’m up late

cuz like windows I give you the whole update

writing rhymes, Ive now wrote enough great

that I’m considered good, enough, eh?

nah, I take the hood; the rough way

Ill write rhymes until I’m really colder then ice

with icicles hanging over my mic

what causes a soldier to fight

I’m an auto-pilot, I ain’t even controlling the flight

you know it when I write, the twilight

I might, die right? i don’t care about my life so “why write”

good question, like Dmx I’m hood destined

hood destined with a good message

I only wish someone would test it

got ten albums of rhymes if I only could press it

every line I write is put epic, nobody’s touching me

I’m the Rakim of Illest, I say that reluctantly

what must it be, dont fuck with me

why ain’t I the best? nobodies crushing me

just joking, I’m just freestyling; throwing rhymes

emcees be on the block holding nines

until they are old n die, never mature

reminiscing of his wife n why he weren’t better to her

did you ever, sit back and wonder

why your rap has plundered

I have, so back to the sluts, I hate to use the word

usually, I refuse, to do the dirt

and insult women who screw at work

its ok, if I can see through your shirt

you know the saying; it takes two to flirt

it all depends on who you hurt

I don’t give a fuck who knew you first

these bitches drive dudes berserk

why do you think I turn into a jerk

these rhymes go to diverse

and all those who have been thru the worse

pain, so sluts put back on your shoes n skirt

rob her blind; awh, did you lose your purse

trust me, thats all this losers worth

I wont view her hearse

I’m on cue like pool sticks

don’t be foolish and battle me stupid

I know idiots who will happily do it

I will tactically school kids

i ain’t hating though…I’m just telling the truth…

these emcees couldn’t drop hard in the studio, if they *Fell In The Booth*

I resurrect the supreme being

the extreme Ian the lean machine fiend Ian

the mean Ian,the unseen demon, make you scream Ian

off your face is where you clean semen

the genius is back

so fast I’m like the cheetah of rap

you on crack, what kinda cheeba is that

you couldn’t beat me if you cheat in the match

I’m so calm, I’m even relaxed

I turned into heathen at last

spitting heat from my past

I ain’t even seeking the gatz

cuz like Lawgix Im fucking sleeping with macz

you ain’t beefing with that

you so wack I ain’t even peeping the track

flow so steady its crazy the way keep it intact

I’m jacked up like Batista in fact

I’m biting off every piece of your ass

teaching the class, while your leaking blood

you’ll are Big P you keep it thug

I ain’t breaking news, I’m making front page articles

hate faggot, cuz I got art to show

i got rhymes your not ready to prepare for

so wreckless I’m dropping bombs on a bare shore

what the fuck am I on a tear for

cuz I shoot for the stars like the airforce

in my airforces, I’m the airboard kid

you can just assume I have airborne sickness

born with it, hip-hop, Im bored with it

still spit it, with every metaphor wicked

this is ain’t for bitches like diverse n shit

I’m hurting kids, with some sort of urgence

all I have left is perseverance

and certain lyrics, aimed at the church n spirits

my verse is the combination of hatred

and abomination of fakeness

we have an incompetent nation of fascists

confident they constantly be racist

emcees ain’t got concentration to make it

thats why the conversation is basic

sending your demo; trying to get a corporation to take it

or even better giving one compensation to rate it

cuz you cant get a radio station to play it

I ain’t hating, I’m stating information with phrases

I’m just making a statement

I ain’t venting my frustration in pages

but you upset like I’m breaking arrangements

don’t make me break n your basement

I have no problem taking your savings

i ain’t any good with facing persuasions

you don’t want your neck cut straight with blade end

waking up late in a craze n facing a blazing

array of matrix like display, superman cant save the day

you have a kid? oh…I raise a blade

to your face like a razor blade

i promise, ill make you hurt like labor pain

and they say your strange?

I’m the reason the majors changed

cuz like Coin star I brought major change

i killed emcees, I only have stage to blame

how the fuck cant you praise my game

like Michael J Fox, I have to stay away from fame

or gatz get sprayed in vain

05 I was on fire, and I still amaze the same

your face getting grazed with flames

what about religion views, its like solving a crime

honestly, it goes beyond all of the shine

the formation of all creations, begin evolving with time

see being a racist was never a problem of mine

the first time I said it, you didn’t follow the rhyme

I want you to try to use all of your mind

emcees ain’t developing, so call it a lie

give me a shot of Vodca and Ill swallow my pride

if I used my hardest punches like apollo you’d die

look at all the big fish that Ive swallowed alive

so what haven’t I taught you about religion
< br />theres nothing I doubt your missing

ok, I got one, there was this one missionary

at my church, I would listen to him rarely

but I had him forgive my sins

cuz sins ain’t something I liked living in

so I was giving him

my deepest sins, when I was sitting in

this room, he was hidden

and told me; god is with him

and with me, he loves without condition

even at nine, I knew this was a contradiction

cuz five minutes before; it was something different

now I diss him, and religion

I try to send a vision to your mind

it ain’t easy spitting it with rhymes

so I read your drops cuz your listening to mine

I respect all of the emcees who rap on Illest

thats why back with skill kids

collab with me on a track, Ill half to kill it

cuz I have a prophecy, and I hafta to fill it

casket closed; i have a true addiction

through spitting, 2pac the new edition

I’m what judas isn’t

I’m the killer of jews tradition

bound to be breaking boundaries

winning battles insurmountably

emcees run from the sound of me

but like paper nobody wants to count on me

on the count of three, Ill return to my birth right

the worse night of my first life

im fucking dim like a church light, bye

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