Incase you didn’t hear, Shyne got released from prison…

Now, while roaming the valleys of the earth, searching for some important meaning in his existence. The sniveling bottom feeders at Ted Turner’s nutsack “CNN” catches up with the mumbling emcee deep in the sand pits of Jerusalem.

Moses Levi (Shyne) tells CNN the story of his transition from nine years in prison to his religious conversion. So let it Shyne, and check out the video below.

“I am not rapping about Kadish or Shabbat shalom – that’s not the music I make. It’s really just a change in direction – the anger is still there, you dig?  The outrage is sill there at the profanity and obscenity of poverty. I am still angry that people are suffering in Palestine, the people who aren’t terrorists. I am angry (Israeli soldier) Gilad Shalit is captive right now the way I was in captivity – but it’s just a different way to channel that anger.”

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