The Resistance, who is a Christian media watch group, wants 50 Cent to retire, as 50 claimed, if he lost the sales race to Kanye West.

Mark Dice, a public spokesman for the group said,

“It is time for 50 Cent to be a man of his word, and retire. The world will be a better place when this satanic piece of filth retires and stops making music.”

To add insult to injury, the group is asking people to spam 50’s Myspace with comments, telling his to retire.

50 Cent, recently told NY magazine, his album was #1 internationally.

“[My album] was No. 1 internationally the week it came out,” he told New York’s Daily News. “It was the No. 1 European album!”

Hence, he doesn’t have to retire. Nevertheless, he took back the statement, a few days after he made it.

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