Native Ann Arbor rapper Cheeks brings us his new release for free, The Potential.

Cheeks started  emceeing at age 21. He worked with Tree City from 2006 until 2008, joining the group was inevitable, due to the sheer chemistry he shared with the original members.

After releasing two critically acclaimed projects, “Black Trees”, and “Thus Far”, within the ranks of Tree City, Cheeks has decided to release a solo project. With the support of his fellow Tree City members and Branch Out Collective team, Cheeks hopes to push forward for the future.

“The Potential” features Buff 1, L05 from Celsius Electronics, G.P from Tree City, Man in Charge from Celsius Electronics, The Soul, Nickie P, Prhyme Rhyme Boss, Ivy, and others. With production by: Kevin Yelvington, The Friar, L05, Man in Charge, K-Mass, Clavius Crates and others.

Download Here

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