After spending 30 days and 30 nights  behind bars…

Sonic the Charles Hamilton posted his $25,000 bond and was finally released from jail last Wednesday (for assaulting Ohio police officers.)

But apparently Chuck isn’t in the clear yet, according to the case summary those Sony crooks at Rap Radar dug up, he was “REF MNTL TREATMNT UNTIL CMP” as of yesterday (January 31st.) In other words, dude needs to see the doctor before he can walk the streets again.

He’s been a walking hazard for quite some time now, some would call it a downward spiral after being blacklisted by the music industry. I would honestly say, if you’re not a writer or an artist, you have no right approach to judge the guy’s actions as of late, it’s different for people like him to battle emotions. The most creative always seem to take this path, lets hope he finds some fucking help.

We’ll keep you posted on the guy until something crazy happens. Keep your head up Charlie Brown.

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