I first saw this video at WSHH and my reaction was quite different than the numerous amounts of comments( hidden in the comment box laden with pounds of spam).


Most of the people got a good laugh and couple of cracked jokes “sonic lost all his coins from that punch”, but then there were others who went as far as to challenge the man-hood of the Interscope rising star for his lack of violent reaction.

I was raised in single parent home with my mother and taught that even if i female hits you, you have respect enough for her as a woman to take it unless it become life threatening.

Obviously half of hiphop cyber space has been trained much different;proclaiming “GUCCI MANE WOULD’VE KNOCKED THAT B**** OUT!CHRIS BROWN WOULD’VE KNOCKED THAT B****OUT!BIG PUN WOULD’VE KNOCKED THAT B**** OUT!I WOULD’VE KNOCKED THAT B**** OUT!” Is that really what hiphop has evolved into?

A culture once about social and women empowerment degraded to an barbaric “you swing, i swing” mentality. I like to think that this mob mentality came from sensationalism and that the viewers can’t possibly truly believe what they type. Hopefully this is simply an anomaly but I fear the worst.

My hat is off to Charles Hamilton for handling the situation like a man. And the best of luck to the both of them in working out their issues.

Fuze out

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