Michael Jordan was the ultimate childhood hero of many basketball fans. He stunned with amazing dunks, won multiple championships, took over games, and did on the court what we all attempted to emulate. Chamillionaire was given a once in a life time opportunity, a chance to meet Michael Jordan. What could possibly go wrong, this was going to be the biggest day of his life, but…

cham mj

According to Chamillionaire, the NBA Hall Of Famer invoked the “N” word, shouted down at the rapper and completely dismissed him while Paul Pierce stood dismayed at the situation, telling MJ, who the rapper was, Jordan retorted, I don’t care, and continued the verbal punishment.

As someone who grew up watching every Michael Jordan game that I could possibly see, even his less than stellar days as a Wizard, it saddens me, but this is a reality that you have to come to expect, everybody knows that Michael Jordan has public relations that only Lindsay Lohan could only dream of.

A lot of these suggestions of Jordan being an egomaniac haven’t been fully disclosed, the rumors have been circulating for many years though.

Yes. We understand that being Michael Jordan isn’t as simple as a pickup game, at times he probably looks at himself in the mirror and hates the basketball monster that he created. But I’ve got about a billion reasons why he should be nice to everyone he encounters. At best, not act like a fool.

What do you think, feel free to leave a comment below.

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