The National Museum of Hip-Hop (NMoH) announced this week the launch of their “Donate-A-Dollah” (DAD) campaign, designed to raise awareness and raise funds to build the first NMoH facility within New York City, among other things.

The precise location/borough of the Museum will be determined based on the results of the DAD Campaign. So, the borough with the largest population of official hip-hop citizens will be where the museum is built, which will be — according to the NMoH — the first museum for hip-hop, built for the people and literally by the people.

The NMoH was conceived with a dual purpose: the first being to establish a world-renowned cultural institution that preserves the four original elements of hip-hop — Rap, DJing, B-Boying and Graffiti. Each element will have its own department within the museum to honor its contribution to the expansion of the hip-hop culture from a Bronx-originated art form to the global phenomenon it is today.

The second purpose is to spearhead positive change within the hip-hop community by “galvanizing its human and financial resources to address issues such as drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, degradation of women, and school dropout rates, to name a few,” according to a press release.

The organization’s overall goal is to “globally educate, celebrate, commemorate, and perpetuate the diverse positive social achievements of the hip-hop culture.”

“If we are ever going to create positive change within our inner-city communities, we must stop depending on out-of-area government officials and corrupt politicians; true changes begins and ends with the PEOPLE,” said Craig Wilson, creator of DAD & President of NMoH. “But before the people (hip-hop culture) can exact change, they must first be unified; this, unification, is the underlying focus of the DAD Campaign.”

The “Donate-A-Dollah” campaign asks that all fans of the genre donate a dollar to its movement. The donation is a one-time only contribute, it says, capping at one dollar by each individual.

“By limiting each donor’s contribution, the National Museum of Hip-Hop is able to utilize the campaign as the first official ‘Hip-Hop Census’, which will demonstrate the global size and power of the ‘Hip-Hop Planet.’ There are millions, if not billions, of hip-hop fans worldwide. Just imagine what can be accomplished within our communities when ALL Hip-Hop fans unite,” said the NMoH.

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