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Busta Rhymes Regrets Big Bang Marketing

Busta Rhymes regrets the way his latest album, The Big Bang, was marketed after his first singles success.

“I think that “The Big Bang” was my best album, overall,” said Busta. “Out of all of my albums, that was my best body of work in one project, to me, from top to bottom. I don’t really feel like there’s anything that I wanted to do to regroup or change the situation. I just think that that album came out in a time where the transition was happening, in terms of just how the game is fluctuating right now. And I also feel like the single after ‘Touch It,’ you know, people waited three years to see that Big Bang album happen, so I think people were really looking forward to seeing a Busta Rhymes-produced-by-Dr.-Dre single. Especially after the ‘Touch It’ record and how big that was.”

He describes the faults to making “I Love My Chick” his second single.

“If you feel the slightest reluctance to do something, even if being a team player might mean compromising, don’t compromise in the way that you’re gonna have to live to regret,” Busta said. “And that’s creatively. [So] for me, I will never allow that process to happen in that way again. So I don’t live with regret, because I learned from it.”

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