During a recent interview with KillerHipHop.com, Bone set down to discuss the future and have numerous projects planned for the future.

“Fixtape 5 is coming, definitely, next year sometime. Maybe like end of summer, fall.” said Krayzie Bone. “Plus, I got the solo album coming, Chasing the Devil, at the top of the year.

“We also working on a Bone twentieth year anniversary album. All five of us are gonna be involved with that,” he added.

“We got a whole lot of music, man. We got a bunch of unreleased music. It’s about time for us to start getting it out. Why hold onto it?”

Wish Bone also chimed in that a solo project was in the works for him as well. “Workin’ on that now. I really gotta lock myself down in the studio and get it done. That’s really my plan, my focus right now.”

BTNH rose to fame in the early 90s, spawning massive chart topping hits but in the past few years, group arguments, legal trouble and the lack of billboard success has plagued the Cleveland-based group.

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