Freestyle #2

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Freestyle #2

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I use to hang with the heavy metal kids
with the devil lips, specialist of canibus
I had to take the mental challenges
bends and twists that made me a transcendentalist
rebellious - tremendous wit. pretentious prick
excellent writtens tested with physics
measurements calculated with digits
in manuscripts, potential unlimited
descendent of reverence
thanks to my blessings and intelligence
expelling my development like settlements
no embellishing, just periodically took the elements
to my betterment of the fellowship
I just treat the world like a hot dog and relish it
celebrate that I'm still relevant
elevate beyond these delicate pathetic enemies
never quit with my etiquette and kinetic energy
the predicate is I'm a sedative mentally
medically equipped, genetically
my hereditary brings a level of symmetric poetry
the thomas edisons, presidents like Benjamin and Jefferson
I reference in the present with expectations setting in
represent an elegance with extravagance
terrific magnifance studeneous
gifted since I was a student using computer chip
demonstrate how to eliminate all future risk
humanist beauty with the art illusionist
that is more lunar than a super moon eclipse
improvements, food for thought, I eat the whole tunafish
while I ruminate over lightweight unix scripts
as I'm confusing rifts with the acoustics
staying true to the newer hits
tell the dj to do a mix where ever the music fits

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