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Beat Requests

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request beats here, DO NOT just say "make me a beat" i'll ignore you, if you want a beat made post a detailed request of what you want or email me a track you want sampled (, requests won't be filled in a specific timeframe it all depends on if i like the concept/sample, if i have the time, and if i like your music

i'll do some shit for free but if the beat requires alot of time or i don't like your tracks or your concept/sample it'll cost anywhere from $100-$500 for sampled exclusives and $200-$2,000 for composed exclusives, don't complain about the prices anything i sell exclusively i have to get copyrighted & i have to have a contract drafted, both cost money you won't find any decent exclusive beats with proper contracts & copyrights for any less than $100

you can also request to use beats i have posted online in this thread, if i agree to let you use the beat you want you don't own it exclusively so don't ask me to remove it from the net or get pissed if you hear somebody else using it, if you want exclusive rights to be the only person that uses the beat you'll have to pay for it simple as that

whenever you request anything post a link to your music or email me some of your music, if you have no music available and aren't willing to pay don't expect anything from me
Respect this, specialist, black, testing this and get ya necklace jacked
Your after name scratched up off my guestlist, party freak
You the type of nigga that'll hardly speak unless you spoken to
You throw a cold screw but sober up when I'm approaching you
At the same time we postin two niggaz on that ass
Thats gonna do what they supposed to do the limelight
Snatched away from you because its my night
Killarm' blaze hotter than twilight, you better get ya lines right
Half of these crabs cant even rhyme right
[Killa Sin]

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