PRO TOOLS .. Is it just me?

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PRO TOOLS .. Is it just me?

Post by Blocked Writer »

Heyo everyone,
Thanks for popping by?
Is it just me or ProTools is a bit complicating to manuvure around compared to something like Garageband or Mixcraft?

Does anyone currently use PT to record tracks?
If so, any advice you can offer a newbie?
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Re: PRO TOOLS .. Is it just me?

Post by AntiMaTTer »

ive never used Pro Tools but the best thing to do is just experiment with it and try messing with the program, hands on, and trying to get a grasp of it that way. Also can youtube some video results for protools on standard stuff like recording, mixing, etc.

IL record:
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Re: PRO TOOLS .. Is it just me?

Post by NeverOddOrEven »

Protools is a fucking life saver. You just have to learn how to use it. Garageband, Mixcraft, Audacity, etc. are not as useful for making Hip Hop music... or any genre of music, for that matter.
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Re: PRO TOOLS .. Is it just me?

Post by The Gonz »

You'll learn the program as you go. Look on YouTube for tutorial videos. It'll take a while before you learn the ins and outs of it and understand what everything does and all the tips and tricks associated with it. And as far as what program to use to make hip-hop, it honestly doesn't matter. I've heard absolute garbage coming out of Pro Tools and absolute gems from FL Studio. Its not the program that makes the music good, its the producer. If you have no musical ability at all, it doesn't matter how much money you spend on equipment. Buying a Les Paul guitar doesn't put you in the same realm as Hendrix just like using Pro Tools doesn't make your beats classic bangers. Talent lies in people. You can't program that.
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