I miss you

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I miss you

Post by NeverOddOrEven »

[center]I've left so much feed lately, and I'm kinda lazy, but just believe that I've left feed. I haven't had shit to do lately, so I've been writing a mile a minute. Enjoy my newest piece called "I miss you"

How'd rap go from Nas, 2pac and Snoop Dogg
To everybody gettin' a deal like GroupOn
Weezy's too gone to speak clearly in his new songs
And step it up, Jay-Z, homie it's been too long!
When did Rick Ross become Hip Hop?
When did YouTube become a center of shit talk?
Why is everybody pissed off?
How'd we go from Crip Walks to Kid's Bop
I wanna make all of this shit Pop get lost
Why'd Lil Mama make a song about lip gloss?
Wayne, you used to spit raw and make hit songs
Yeah, the Sky is the Limit, but you didn't even lift off
Wish I could reverse the tick-tocks on this clock
Go back to the sick Nas, Big, Pac
Fuck this rich-washed, Kid Rock type niche spot
Ain't praisin Jesus, but Kanye got me thinkin he did walk
Can't forget about the original Slim drops
Love the way he lies - Guess he never got Kim shot
Reminisce on the old school and the lessons it taught
The culture it brought
(The culture it brought)
I miss Dipset, before their set dipped
And everyone fell off the block like Tetris
Seems like the only goal is to get rich
No message, just whatever the press picks
All I hear is sex, whores, death, gore
Did they forget the reason they first picked up the pen for?
I wish rappers today talked less and said more
We gotta stick together to get to the top like Connect Four
This a simple rhyme
I got a simple mind
I think you'll find this is why
I really miss the simpler times
Wish they'd skip the shit they're preparing to write
They only make the radio, cuz they're the "stereo" type[/center]
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Re: I miss you

Post by MonuMental »

Well, I dunno how anyone else feels, it isn't my place to know, but I personally feel as if you've dropped some fire lately. This goes right along with that. All the technical advantages of yours that I could call to attention have already been cited by me in all the other feed I left you. The content fits the mood, and the rhymes are tight with a nice flow. The flow I see in this speaks to me more than in a few of your other pieces, though. Stay up.
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