TTT: Round Two - CBK -VS- Kau the Lion(READY 4 VOTES!!!)

Illest's newest topical tournament... Winner lays claim to the belt!!!

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Re: TTT: Round Two - CBK -VS- Kau the Lion(READY 4 VOTES!!!)

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mods clear this up....... im 3-1 up.................
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Re: TTT: Round Two - CBK -VS- Kau the Lion(READY 4 VOTES!!!)

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Flow- CBK: Was flowing like Papoose in his prime on each and every single line.
Creativity – Tie: You both did extremely well with creative verses coming from both of you.
Vocabulary - Kau: He took this one with ease.
Storytelling – Tie: Both stories were filled with excellent content, I couldn’t say there is a victor in this one, definitely tied.

CBK: The fluidity in your multi’s when they link inside of your metaphors seem mind boggling, no other I’ve seen rhyme words in such synchronized order. You make it seem like it comes second nature, as though it is innate like I could virtually visualize you talking the way you are typing. Of course your wordplay definitely matches the delivery, all of your verses anyone can pick up the note-book and spit them and sound dope. You should have structured your verse a lot better that shit was all over like a paragraph LOL! Great verse though nonetheless.

KAU: Your verse was terrific, the structuring was flawless, and I enjoyed the vocabulary exercise, it’s was entertaining and very raw. Your story telling was on point, in this case both of you explained your story well but you had a real finisher for your part. Though at times it seemed like you failed to deliver on the rhyming and went a little more into the story telling, but it was a topical so I’d be lying to myself if I wouldn’t give you my vote, from start to finish your verse was amazing.

Final Thesis: Both had very solid verses, but Kau edged this one in my book, seeing this is a topical and his structure pretty much gave him the upper hand to get the story out easier. I read Kau’s and clearly understood where the beginning the climax and the ending took place. Good job both MC’s; it could have gone either way.

VOTE Kau The Lion
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