Freestyle #1

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Freestyle #1

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Call it, passive aggressive, rhymin patterns
From the mind that the crime inhabitated
Mastermind, flat line rappers, get their ass kicked
building caskets for the masses that I outlasted

demolishing the fellowship, when I rip and mangle all
I'll leave you hanging from your balls at niagra falls
show up at a banquet hall with a flask of alcohol
dropping adderal, maxed and got my last bank withdrawal

I'm gassed, but I'm to egotistical to be pumping the breaks
nothing is safe even the muppets get punched in the face
Sick of this doctor ramblin while I'm poppin ambian
call the ambulance and clear off the helicopter landin'

Causing damage like a famine; torture is the method
I'm a warrior, death threats are morally accepted
before I am arrested, take you of the fortunes you invested
then exort you of the last quarter that you were left with

wreck your credit with forces of electric, magnetic distortions
pathetic reinforcements are shredded like abortions
borderline mad, bored of every line in my rhyme pad
because I've ate everyone alive I'm like a fly trap

motherfuckers are dying fast, when I arrive with ghatz
one rifle blast snipe your ass through fiber glass
Welcome to my science lab full of serious philosophies
problems greater than equations with mysterious properties
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