I am American 2021

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I am American 2021

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I hold my baby girl and help close her eyelids
as she sleeps we get destroyed by forest fires
in a world of tyrants
full of porn and violence
warning sirens
global warming and the corona virus
storms because of a torn up climate
we go to war with science
won't drive a hybrid for mileage
listen to alex jones, then complain of bias
have a moment of a silence
for us woke who are bonafied bitch
watch the Olympics
but wont stop our convictions
don't even give props to the christians
willing to call it discriminative
when we won't call islam a hostile religion
kids without a pot to piss in
impossible living
when we were all an immigrant
locked up in prison, need a wall to finish it
fuck rocks, we just throw pebbles
america doesn't deserve no gold metals
we just worship the devil
the worse country on this earth
burning the petrol
just learn on a personal level
that because of all our work
more people emerge from the ghetto
don't live in the dirt
thanks to churches when were birthed
and we settled
i'm perfectly metal with words that affect flows
sexual man
preventing the plans
retro when i'm defending my land
i'm an american
representing the fam
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