Doms vs Kooly Bop

Argue over who has the illest punchlines in the game. What your favorite songs are, the latest albums, and any other creative idea that will inspire thought provoking conversation.

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Doms vs Kooly Bop

Post by complexity »

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Re: Doms vs Kooly Bop

Post by Kuhlerblynd »

Man, that kid Doms is fucking sick as hell. More than impressive! Thanks for sharing this Plex!
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Re: Doms vs Kooly Bop

Post by The Gonz »

LMAO Doms came with some crazy lines there. Dope shit. Haven't laughed out loud at a battle like that in a long time.
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Re: Doms vs Kooly Bop

Post by cyanidesyn »

i wanna c doms go against iron solomon that would b a battle
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Re: Doms vs Kooly Bop

Post by MonuMental »

Doms ripped a buncha cats outta the frame with like no effort at all. Dude has some genius shit hatching in that noggin of his. I give him full praise and props for comin with it as hard as he does, especially in a freestyle format.
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