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Re: More

Post by Illcat »

I liked this, a lot. I like the way it's written, clever. Loved the alliteration paying respect.

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Re: More

Post by Borat »

The alliteration in this is nice I agree, I love the structure, the content is beautifully written, what can I say... It's short but that in no way takes away from it, another epic poem Rell, I can say I always look forward to your drops man. Please keep em coming!

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Re: More

Post by MonuMental »

This was quite provocative... It stirred strange thoughts in my head... Sort of skewered my perspective and had me looking at the words sideways... I won't attempt to mark some distinctive theme, this piece doesn't call for that, in my opinion. Rather, the way you said these things has me drawing my own conclusions, as I'm sure they did for you when you wrote them. It is sick and withering but stronger than words allow. Darkly beautiful, and strange. Excellent work. I give this a 10/10.
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Re: More

Post by Glamtrash »

<3 you know I love your writing.

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