50 Cent Mocks Kanye West

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50 Cent Mocks Kanye West

Post by complexity »

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Post by Elizabeth »

lol 50 cent sucks

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50 cent

Post by G-money »

hell yeah e-liz he is garbage what the fuck is a 50 cents lol

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Post by - Mutual - »

man he jus better hoope his albums better than Kanye's or he will have to eat his own words which will be quite funny really
The Eagerness Is Putrid My Fluids Acid Leaves You Vexed Like Black Holes
Your Inept To Correct Stretched Like Fat Folds Perplexed Like Castro
I'm So Tenacious With Rhymes Sensatious So Patient With Lines
While You Fill Your Writtens With Filler And So Stay Vacant In Mind
I'm Amiable But Too Your Haters I Appease Your Arcane Admissions
Dark Games No Vision Your Avarice Lead To Scarred Shamed Partitions
So Callous In His Candor You Have To Coerce For Neglect
For Worse Or For Best I'm Confidant With A Verse Of Respect


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