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Post by Cee4 »

bitch ya stressed, my rhymes split ya chest, i spit the best, find ya mama n rip the dress, slit the breast and leave the clit a mess, the answers yes! im sick ta death

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Mentally Unstable
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Post by Viral »

lace a joint to da point ur maced n graced wit razors jabbed into ur throat wit no case for papers to grab a trace

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Post by Gutta »

smash ya face, put colors in ya death ta make ya fate abstract, outdate ya ass, hate to do it but i gotta celebrate mah task
I'll kill u dawg, lyrically or with tha ber-etta. its wut-eva//
cuz u kno i squeeze arms like I'm checkin my blood pressure//

Son I write with the trifeness
Engraved in Tyson
Curse the shots that left BIG and Pac lifeless
-Cormega-Verbal Graffiti

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