Rebuttal Cypher

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by 88SkyLink »

Dont fuck with her mother's cooking, you still forgot you're a fagget
your Mom be working the kitchen but I'm still tossing her salad
Yeah I'm hot and Im savage, so why would I waste classics on someone who spit so badly
Only head you peeled is ya own foreskin when you Dicked ya daddy (hahaa)

You talking burritos, but that wont stop you getting hurt and slayed
Aint you know, my bars'll merk you cuz you just a worthless gay
So mention burrito's, hell, call me a Taco bell worker mate
But either way you'd still see me serving Tre (Tray)

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by WestCoastShine »

Fame was the claim of glory now they playing this game like a chess board /No reward drain their blood.. sword to the neck. break no sweat/lighting this cigarette trying to maintain but ill bring it like thunder in a storm no remorse ./putting my heart and soul into all of it . universe listening black hole eating up these stars/houston we got a damn problem consider me problematic ill bring the static with ah automatic/ready for the apocalypse rock to this as i put a potato at the end of my barrel of a 12 gauge blast!/unsurpassed by anyone lyrical em-cee casted out to the depths of hell.. sinister cage of fire I've been sealed in ready for release

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by PyDizZLE21 »

I don't knw whts going thru ur fukkin worth-less head...
but the whole point of this chyper is to flip wht the other fukkin person said!...//
Can u read cuz judging by ur rhymes u can't...
judgin by ur lines u couldn't shine with Lamps....

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by MesaR »

This guy above me talking about me and my worthless head//
but hes a nervous wreck that sees less pussy then a virgins bed//
..Fuck that gay shit you say on a beat..

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by K KiLLaH »

I leave this virgin bedded when hes mirked n hes deaded/
Restin In Pieces leaving Sequence in the dirt n beheaded!!/

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by TreTru »

beheaded? he said it..this fagget wants his brain Injected
Killah's cumm hit a Homos-side?(commit a homoscide)..U'r sick!! kid's, AIDS infected

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Re: Rebuttal Cypher

Post by Phoklore »

Wait fagget, Homo-cide, Tre there something you trying say in those rhymes.
Killahs is what you named your dick don't lie.

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